Incompetent, Abusive, or both? - Scottish Executive policy and legislation on Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - `Autism Rights` Briefing Paper April 2007

ASBOs affecting `hidden disabilities`.

- Charity pleads for tolerance as autistic youngsters face Asbos Martin Bright, home affairs editor Sunday May 22, 2005 The Observer - BIBIC is the charity referred to.

- Friday, 23 February 2007, 11:33 GMT 'Autism link' to Asbo youngsters
More than a third of children given Asbos have underlying brain disorders
such as autism, according to a survey. The study was carried out for the BBC with the Somerset charity for brain-injured children, Bibic.

- Lisa Blakemore-Brown's account of how MSBP got started.
EXCERPT 'Guidelines increasingly encourage social workers to see autism - and think
attachment disorder.' See also:-
- The NAS was informed that the government had drawn up `guidelines` on MSBP that
overlapped with several of the international clinical criteria for autism. They held a meeting with a civil servant in the Department of Health, pasted this webpage on their website, and tried to `persuade` the government to change their guidelines (the latter information obtained in emails between myself and the NAS's PR person).
Note - no campaigning, no wish to embarrass the government into a change of policy, no desire to highlight such a flagrant violation of human rights (the only way to find this webpage on the NAS website is to do a search for `MSBP` it does not feature in the site map and cannot otherwise be navigated to).

- copied from the Herald - article about evidence by Paul Shattock to Scottish CPG re. parents who claim the MMR has caused their child's autism having their children taken away under an accusation of Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). This talk was apparently given at the inaugural meeting of the CPG on ASD - when Lloyd Quninan MSP was the Convener.

- if you read no other article on Professor Sir Roy Meadows and how he did what he did, PLEASE read this one. It includes how he came to prominence during the trial of Beverley Allitt, how he shredded his research notes on MSBP and comments from his ex-wife,who says he is a misogynist.

- The Times May 25, 2006 Secret witch-hunt syndrome Camilla Cavendish NEVER HAVE THE powers-that-be collected more information. But never has it been so difficult to find out what they know. It took months of questioning by an MP on the Public Accounts Committee to expose the foreign prisoner debacle; Whitehall twisted and ducked. Now another committee of MPs is being fobbed off in answer to a question that could prove to be of similar importance. The question may not sound like much. It is how many people are being accused by social workers of having the psychiatric disorder Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MsbP).

- Scots families wrongly accused of abuse The Scotsman Mon 26 Jan 2004 TANYA THOMPSON HOME AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT
Key points
• Scots mothers may have been wrongly accused of cruelty after diagnoses of Munchausen's syndrome by proxy, a disease named by Prof Sir Roy Meadow
• Meadow has testified against mothers at numerous high-profile trials
• Meadow spoke at a conference in Lanarkshire calling all cot deaths murder
Key quote: "The scandal in Scotland is that the children’s panel system, which we say is so wonderful, has let Scottish children down. Munchausen was seen as a clever theory and people were sucked in." Edinburgh solicitor Eric Scott
Story in full: AT LEAST 12 parents in Scotland have been accused of having the discredited condition Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, resulting in a total of 19 children being placed in care - two of whom have been adopted with no prospect of them ever returning home.

- 'Whitewash' fear over child abuse review The Scotsman Mon 17 May 2004
THE Scottish Executive has been accused of a "whitewash" amid fears that a major review of child protection cases may never be published. Lawyers say the internal review has been shrouded in secrecy and are demanding ministers publish its findings.

Sunday 23rd April, Britain section The Sunday Times April 23, 2006
Innocent parents accused of abuse
Daniel Foggo
MPs say hunt for abusers may be out of control
INNOCENT parents are being falsely accused of abusing their children and threatened with having them taken into care, according to a report backed by MPs. An all-party group of MPs and peers is next month to meet Beverley Hughes, the minister for children, to discuss concerns that the hunt for potentially abusive parents might be out of control.

- this revealed that a growing number of potentially autistic children have been placed on the Child
Protection Register

an article about how parents of children with autism have been accused of MSBP, and an unknown number have had their children taken away from them