Submissions to government and parliamentary consultations
 - Draft Autism Strategy Consultation response from Autism Rights

 We have made submissions to the Donaldson Review of Teacher Education in
Scotland and to the Members' Bill on Autistic Spectrum Disorder  Neither of
these consultation responses are available online.

Autism Rights has recently submitted written evidence for Stage 1 of the
Autism Bill:-

Autism Rights has submitted written evidence to committees of the Scottish
Autism Rights' written evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport
Committee Inquiry into child and adolescent mental health services -

Additional Support for Learning Amendment Bill 2008 -  Autism Rights' written
evidence to Education Committee -
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also available at:-

Evidence to Scottish Parliament's Economy Enterprise and Tourism Committee
(the lead commitee on the census) on 2011 Census for Scotland
Links for our written evidence and submissions by members in support of this
go to Agenda item 2, Note by the Clerk click on EET/S3/10/9/5, which will take
you to our evidence.
 - go to Agenda item 2, Note by the Clerk, and click on EET/S3/10/12/6 - see
Autism Rights' Submission 3 for the Numbered Points that provide a critique
of the final draft of the Census question.

Response to Draft Identity Management and Privacy Principles consultation
 - Autism Rights' submission to consultation on Privacy Principles - the civil
servants have made something of a mess of this submission, by putting an
attached document at the head of the submission.

Other Autism Rights documents
The Autism Rights' Briefing Paper `Incompetent, Abusive, or both? - Scottish
Executive policy and legislation on Autistic Spectrum Disorder` was published
online in April 2007. Since then, the Briefing Paper's critique of the Mental
Health Act and Adult Support and Protection Act has been supported by the
Independent newspaper, Inclusion Scotland, People First and others within the
disability community:-

Autism Rights' analysis of the deficiencies within the current system of
service provision resulted in the online publication of our `Proposals for
Autism Services in Scotland`. Our analysis concludes that cost-effective and
appropriate services for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders need to be
based on Standards – as detailed in these proposals:-

Associated activities
Autism Rights is a member of the Cross Party Group on Human Rights of the
Scottish Parliament. See:-

Three years ago, Autism Rights supported a petition to the Scottish Parliament
to adopt the European Charter on the Rights of Persons with Autism. This was
signed by over 500 people, some from international autism organisations.
The Charter itself is available at the following link - please click on each
of the `rights` for a fuller description:-
These are a couple of alternative weblinks to the Charter, but without the
full schedules




Fiona Sinclair, Convener of Autism Rights, interviewed on BBC TV's `Politics
Scotland` programme, Wednesday 12th January 2010, in relation to vote on
Autism Bill. autism to census.htm
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What's it like living with autism?
Last broadcast on Tue, 13 Oct 2009, 09:00 on BBC Radio Scotland.
 - scroll down to letter of 14th November 2005 `Fight for autism rights`,
about the setting up of Autism Rights

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