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- Limited Review of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act

2003: Report (McManus Review)
`In the course of our consultation, we received extensive submissions from several bodies, especially the Mental Welfare Commission, the Royal Colleges, carers and users groups and the Tribunal service. Many of the points raised are covered in the substantive text above. However, some of the points did not fall neatly within our headings and we propose, in this chapter, to address the outstanding points with which the Review Group is in agreement.`

`Learning disability and the law Persons with learning disability complained to the Review Group about the inclusion of learning disability in the Act. We understand the Millan Committee recommended that this should be reviewed and that the then Government accepted this in its policy paper "Reviewing Mental Health Law". Now, eight years on from Millan, the Review Group feels that it is time this was done.`

The Equal Opportunities committee of the Scottish Parliament backed this up:-
- Equal Opportunities Committee Report
SP Paper 468 EO/S3/10/R4
4th Report, 2010 (Session 3)
Report on post-legislative scrutiny: the Mental Health (Care and Treatment)
(Scotland) Act 2003